You Can Live a Full Life With MS

“Generally, eating healthy foods and exercise help,” said Wilson. “The most common triggers for symptoms are infections, heat, and high stress. Avoiding these can reduce flare-ups in many people.” Although most people with MS do not become severely disabled, they do have bothersome and unpredictable MS symptoms, and they may tire easily. They need to know their limitations and work closely with their MS treatment team. Women with MS can get pregnant and often go into remission during pregnancy.

Hope for a Cure

Although a cure does not yet exist for MS, treatment and management have come a long way. “There are several new drugs that will be approved this year alone,” said McCoyd. New drugs also have been approved to reduce symptoms of the rarer relapsing forms of MS. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, advances in the treatment and understanding of MS are being made every year, and the possibility that future research will finally find the cure for MS is very encouraging. Meanwhile, research into the use of stem cells to cure MS is ongoing.