12 Chronic Lyme Disease Survivors Share How They Beat Their Illness

9. Ria, 67

“I was teaching a process called The Life/Art Process by Anna Halprin, of which I am a graduate. It is a creative arts process where you draw your body and then let the drawing move through you. […] As we were all making our drawing of the body, I drew the feeling of the Lyme coursing through my body. My drawing ended up looking like a huge parasite, with fanged teeth, living inside of my torso. […] ‘How do I get rid of you’ was my question. It said back to me, ‘Stop trying to kill me.’ […] I was floored. […] I said, ‘OK, tell me what you want me to do.’ It said, ‘Just let me leave.’ So I did. I was already standing, weakly but standing, and I simply let go and let it take over. My fever raged up through the center of my body. I was sweating more than before. I could feel it moving up toward my head, and then it divided, and some of it went toward the left side of my body, and some of it went toward the right side of my body and then past my skin on both sides out of my body.

In about 15 minutes, the fever began to leave, and shortly thereafter, I was fine. No symptoms at all. About a year later, I was at a spiritual retreat center […] with a woman I have been studying with since about 2012. I was lying in bed after our meal, and all of a sudden, many of the symptoms came back. […] I went out to talk with her and she simply said to me, ‘I think your mind has not let go of the Lyme disease altogether.’ The minute she stopped talking, the symptoms left, and they have never returned.”

10. Brad, 42

“Its been around six years battling Lyme, and I can say I feel 100 percent better. I followed the doctor’s treatment schedule, which had me tapered down form an assortment of antibiotics to now just a few doses per month.

I made lots of other changes as well. The main things were getting more sleep, change of diet, and supplements. It was very hard to sleep because of the joint pain. I was constantly moving around, so they came up with some meds and supplements that helped me sleep through the night. I went to a gluten free/less diet. After some trail and error, we came up with some supplements that help with other things.

There were also other meds that were prescribed to help support whole-body health. The practice I went to treated the whole body to strengthen your immune system to be able to fight Lyme on its own. So now I feel more energetic, [and] have lower cholesterol […]”

11. Mary, 36

“The pivotal moment in healing from Lyme disease for me came at the lowest of the low moments. Pushed beyond the breaking point by devastating losses, I gave up my right to desire something better for myself.

In that moment, I both surrendered and liberated myself. I was truly able to understand how parasites feed off of the energy of attachment. My pain was their sustenance. We often think healing comes from a perfectly healthy mind. The lesson I stood to gain from this near-fatal experience is that light doesn’t come from light; it comes from the dark.”

12. Heather, 44

“My husband is an energetic healer. He uses energy frequencies to either tell my body what to do, or he pulls bacteria etc., out of me and into him and than diffuses it off into the universe. I was a bony skeleton losing my connective tissue and ability to walk. I was in remission in two months.”

These stories are drastically different, but one thing most of them have in common is that they did not just focus on the physical. Treating Lyme can require you to make big life changes, but often, you’re better off for it.

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