15 Migraine Triggers: What Causes A Migraine?

4. Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke can cause an instant migraine. The best thing to do is avoid being around smokers. Some smokers don’t understand that the smoke can make people ill. If you’re in a situation where you cannot leave the area, let them know how it’s making you sick.

3. Dieting

Starting in on a new diet can cause migraines. Changing your diet quickly can cause blood sugar and vitamin fluctuations. The best way to prevent this is to drink a lot of water and take a good multivitamin while dieting. The unpleasant symptoms should go away after a few weeks.

2. Bright Lights

Bright lights and certain kinds of lights can be associated with migraines. Light does not cause migraines, but they can exacerbate the pain. Migraines can cause a person to become photophobic, which means they are more sensitive to light. This is a unique feature of migraines.

1. Disturbed Sleep

Improper sleep can be a leading cause of migraines. We’re so busy with our lives that it’s a lucky night if you actually get 8 hours of sleep. Try to put away electronics when in bed. Make your bedroom a sleeping sanctuary. If you still have trouble sleeping, there are natural remedies like melatonin. Extreme sleeping disorders can be helped with prescription medication..

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