21 Things To Know About Migraines Not Everyone Realizes

5. Migraineurs Have Rights At Work

If you get migraine headaches, you might not know that you have rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act. According to the ADA, a disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. You must have a record of such an impairment (like a doctor’s note). Once this is established with your employer, there are certain steps that must be taken.

“Employers must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants or employees. A reasonable accommodation is any modification or adjustment to a job or the work environment that will enable an applicant or employee with a disability to participate in the application process or to perform essential job functions.”

For me, this includes being able to work away from scents and bright indoor lights. I have had to have this conversation with two separate employers, and we were able to work something out. The website Migraine Relief offers helpful tips about how to educate your boss about your migraine headaches.

6. Some People Spend A Good Chunk Of Their Lives With A Migraine

The Migraine Trust reported that the average migraine sufferer spends 5.3 percent of their life with a migraine headache.

7. Migraines Cost The Country A Lot Of Money

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, loss of productivity from migraine headaches costs the U.S. as much as $36 billion annually.

8. There Aren’t Not Enough Doctors To Treat Everyone

As recently as 2018, there were only 500 certified headache specialists in the U.S. to treat more than 38 million migraine sufferers, the Migraine Research Foundation reported.

9. Migraineurs Need Routine To Manage Triggers

People who live with migraine headaches spend a lot of time identifying and managing their migraine triggers. For me, this includes avoiding all artificial scents and fluorescent lighting, getting enough — but not too much — sleep, avoiding excessive travel, managing stress, and eating regular meals. Triggers like sudden changes in weather are out of my control so I do my best to manage everything else as much as I can.

10. Colic In Infants May Be A Symptom Of Migraine

According to the American Migraine Foundation, 10 percent of migraine sufferers are children. What’s more, colic (frequent fussing or crying) in infants may be a sign a baby is having a migraine.

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