5 important facts about multiple sclerosis (MS)

Making connections

Connecting with other people with MS can also help.

Dr. Ann Bass, clinical director at the Neurology Center of San Antonio, TX, recommends that people with MS “form a strong and lasting support network, which includes healthcare professionals, families, friends, support groups […] that will assist them throughout their journey with this disease.”

“They should establish, continually assess, and share their goals and expectations for their lives as well as for their MS treatments throughout the disease course.”

DMTs to slow disease progression

New drugs on the market, including siponimod (Mayzent), show promise for slowing disease progression and reducing the incidence of flares in people with RRMS, the most common form of MS. These newer drugs also have fewer side effects than their predecessors.

Corticosteroid injections and other types of treatment can also reduce the impact and symptoms of flares.

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