9 Shocking Facts About Migraines

Fact 5 – Over 4 Million People Have Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines mean that a person is experiencing migraines more than 50% of the days in a month. Some may have migraines every day. One thing that commonly causes occasional migraines to progress into chronic migraines is headache medication. These medications may provide temporary pain relief, but they are not designed for regular use. Taking headache medications a couple of times per week can lead to rebound headaches. At some point, the only way to know which migraines are actually caused by the medication is to stop taking it and wait for all the drugs to clear out of the body.

Fact 6 – Women Get Far More Migraines Than Men

About 18% of women experience migraines versus about 6% of men, so about three times as many women are afflicted with the condition. Chronic migraines are even more disproportionately split with about 17 out of 20 sufferers being female. Fluctuating hormone levels can trigger migraines, so it is common for women to get migraines during pregnancy, menopause, or during certain parts of their monthly cycle.

Fact 7 – Kids Can Get Migraines Too

Migraines are often underdiagnosed in children, but research indicates that up to 10% of kids get migraines. This condition is not hereditary, but there may be some genes that predispose a person. As a result, about 50% of the children of migraineurs are affected. That number jumps up to 75% if both parents have the condition.

Fact 8 – Migraines Affect the Economy

Businesses in the US lose more than $13 billion each year due to the fact that migraines result in 113 million missed days of work. The only part of the economy that benefits from migraines is the medical industry. More than $41 billion is spent per year in the US on migraine care. That includes $1 billion in brain scans alone.

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