Sweet options for people with diabetes

One of the most challenging types of food for people with diabetes to find is dessert. Doctors will generally encourage people with diabetes to avoid sugars and carbohydrates. However, by making some simple nutritional changes, it is possible for people with diabetes to enjoy desserts.

Desserts can be full of sugar and other simple carbohydrates, and they often offer minimal or no nutritional value.

In this article, learn about some general tips and suggestions for sweets and desserts for people with diabetes.

Tricks, tips, and alternatives

A person with diabetes can still enjoy something sweet, but they may need to plan to help avoid unnecessary spikes in blood sugar.

Even a person without diabetes could benefit from following some of the suggestions below.

Eat smaller portions

Man taking slice of cake onto plate in kitchen

Desserts are best in moderation. People with diabetes do not necessarily need to skip dessert entirely, but they can opt for a smaller portion of dessert.

When eating out, asking for a smaller slice of cake or pie or sharing dessert with a friend can help limit portion sizes.

When eating at home, cutting baked goods into smaller pieces can help avoid overeating.

Swap carbohydrates

An easy way to allow room for a small serving of dessert is skipping a starchy vegetable, roll, or other carbohydrates at mealtime.

By not eating a carbohydrate serving during the main meal, people can help avoid spiking their blood sugar levels by eating a dessert shortly after.

People should only use this trick occasionally, however. This is because most starches in a meal, such as potatoes, are likely to be more nutritious than dessert.

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